Toyota Jamaica


Why has Toyota Jamaica Ltd taken over the distribution of the Daihatsu models?

Toyota Jamaica has been a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation since 2000. Now many people know that Toyota owns Lexus. On the other hand not many people know that Toyota owns Daihatsu. The move for Toyota Jamaica to distribute Daihatsu cars is a part of a global strategy by Toyota. Daihatsu's line of cars will be produced up to 1300cc, Toyota's line will exceed 1300cc.

What can persons expect from the Daihatsu brand of motor vehicles?

  • Quality - Customers can expect the same quality products from Toyota.
  • Great Service - Our service department will offer the same high quality service.
  • Warranty - will be similar to that of Toyota. As at February 1, 2005 cars bought will obtain warranty of 3 years or 100,000kn, whichever comes first.
  • Economy - Daihatsu's prices of a new car depends on the features offered. Daihatsu's cars give value for money.

How available will Daihatsu parts be for customers?

We have taken special care to ensure that the Daihatsu parts are readily available. Indeed we acquired parts even before the cars arrived. In the rare instance that a part is not available immediately, then Toyota Jamaica will source it within a few days.

Where can persons purchase Daihatsu?

We TEST DRIVE and sell from our location at Toyota Jamaica Ltd, 427 Spanish Town Road, Kingston. However, if a customer is not able to visit us due to time constraint then a sales representative will take a demonstration car to the customer at an agreed time. Likewise we will be happy to make a presentation to our corporate customers at their places of business.