Toyota Jamaica


What is Covered

The warranty period begins on the date the vehicle is first delivered or put into use (in-service date).


    It is our policy to provide sound value for money through-out a range of vehicles and world class quality back up service. Our aim is to ensure that you benefit from the 'value for money' concept of vehicle Ownership. Toyota offers a 3 years/100,000km (whichever comes first) warranty on all passenger and light commercial vehicles in its range. We fully recognize the importance of top quality service and 'value for money' as the cornerstone of Customer Satisfaction. TOYOTA JAMAICA maintains workshops of the highest standard with all the necessary facilities, tools, equipment and technically competent manpower to provide the very best service available.


    • To ensure upon delivery of your Toyota vehicle, the Sales Representative will explain to you fully the Service required to be performed on your vehcile as well as terms of the warranty and introduce you to the Service Department.
    • To ensure that your Toyota is delivered in perfect condition by your dealer/distributor who is responsible for giving each new Toyota the finishing touches. The service department plays a vital role in the final phase of quality assurance. It adheres strictly to Toyota's policies and procedures.
    • To remain fully up-to-date on service matters through bulletins received from Toyota Japan. To receive continuous guidance regarding the solution of problems and participate in technical training opportunities offered to ensure the highest levels of service and satisfaction for the owner.
    • To advise in the case of an accident the best course of action for the repair of the body and/or paint of the vehicle that is damaged.
    • To provide prompt feedback should you have a complaint/query concerning your vehicle.

    Regular servicing at your Toyota workshop will optimize the life of your vehicle. It will help to prevent breakdowns and thus ensure safety. Throughout the life of your vehicle certain parts will be subject to wear and will need replacement for your vehicle to remain reliable. Regular servicing will ensure that this is done in a structured manner to reduce the possibility of unexpected high repair bills.
    A full 6 months/10,000km(whichever comes first) warranty is offered on Toyota genuine parts if purchased from Toyota Jamaica and fitted by our workshops. Please note that parts and components subject to normal wear and tear are excluded from this warranty. (See warranty exclusions pages 6 to 12)
    Please feel free to discuss any aspect of service, maintenance or repair that has to be done, or has already been carried out with your Service Manager, he will be only too happy to help you. Only the highest quality materials are used in the parts, which are manufactured to stringent specifications.
    By using genuine Toyota parts you will also ensure that your vehicles resale value is not jeopardized and you will experience the full advantage of value for money motoring offered by Toyota.
    Many inferior parts are available on the market, which will affect the life of your Toyota vehicle. Should your vehicle be involved in an accident, please ensure that the vehicle is repaired with genuine Toyota parts. An up-to-date Toyota Book of Service stamped by your Toyota dealer/distributor at all regular service intervals, will ensure a high resale value; a direct benefit of the availability of a full service record.
    TOYOTA JAMAICA is committed to providing top quality service. Only genuine Toyota parts are used in the servicing and repair of your Toyota and that these operations are carried out only by trained technicians using special tools and equipment specific to your Toyota. Vehicles are serviced in World Class facilities, equipped with special tools and equipment required to provide you with the very best possible service.


    Regarding Maintenance Service, Replacement items and Warranty Exclusions
    The vehicle warranty does not cover costs incurred as a result of normal wear and tear or inspections; neither does it cover any loss or deterioration, of whatever nature, as a result of the vehicle being stored for a lengthy period. The warranty does not cover damage to misuse, abuse, or accidents such as: Therefore costs related to the items listed below and not only are the responsibility of the owner:

    Extremes of temperatures, adverse weather conditions will result in the need for more frequent servicing. During services, lubricant and fluid levels, doors, rubber seals, throttle and parking brake linkages need to be checked.

    Engine oil and filters
    To prolong engine life and performance, engine oil and filters must be changed as recommended.

    Engine tuning and electrical systems
    Must be checked and adjusted periodically for maximum economy, performance and driving safety.

    Belt adjustments
    Must be checked and adjusted for correct tension to ensure efficient functioning of driven components.

    Brake and clutch components
    Linings and pads are subject to wear and tear and must be adjusted or replaced when necessary.

    Tyre rotation
    Severe driving habits, such as heavy braking, harsh acceleration, hard cornering and high speeds in general contribute tyre ware and shortens the vehicle tyre life.

    Wheel alignment and balance
    Adverse driving conditions, potholes and poor driving habits can cause wheels to go out of alignment and balance. Wheel alignment and wheel balancing will provide better handling, improved ride comfort and longer tyre life.

    Fuel system cleaning/correct fuel specified
    Contaminants can sometimes enter the fuel system from external sources. Should this occur, the fuel system must be drained and filters replaced to restore proper engine performance. It is the owner's obligation, in every instance to take extra care to use fuel as specified.

    Rattles and squeaks
    Before delivery of a vehicle the authorized Toyota dealer or distributor will, as a matter of course, ensure that the vehicle is free of any unusual noises. However, after a while, poor road conditions may result in rattles or squeaks developing. It is therefore advisable that adjustments be checked regularly, and all bolts, nuts, screws and clamps should be checked periodically.

    Spark plugs
    These items are subject to wear and/or carbon build-up. For maximum performance and economy they should be checked periodically and replaced at specified times.

    Fuel and air filters
    In order that these items can perform their important function of cleaning the fuel and air for the engine they should be properly maintained and replaced at the recommended intervals. In severe conditions replacements should be more frequent than recommended for normal operation. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by inferior fuel quality.
    Wiper blades
    The life of windscreen wiper blades is dependent on the amount of use and climatic conditions. For safety reasons these items should be replaced when wear impairs their function to clear the windscreen effectively.

    Bulbs and fuses
    The replacement of electrical light bulbs, fuses and lamp glasses on failure is not covered by warranty.

    Engine coolant
    To ensure the normal extended operation of the cooling system please consult your Toyota distributor or dealer on the available service bulletin for the specified coolant additives and concentrations. These must be maintained as recommended to prevent corrosion and erosion.

    Maintenance records
    You are responsible for keeping maintenance records since it may be necessary in some instances for you to show that the required maintenance has been performed.

    Touring/Relocation to another Country
    If you are touring or relocate to another country and a problem arises, please consult the local Toyota distributor or dealer. Please note, however, that warranty service may not be provided by the local dealer because your Toyota vehicle may not comply with the regulatory and/or environmental requirements of such country.


    In order for the corrosion/perforation warranty to remain valid:

    • The owner must immediately report any sign of corrosion/ perforation or body and/or paint damage to an authorized Toyota dealer or distributor.
    • The vehicle must be returned to an authorized Toyota dealer or distributor for regular corrosion/perforation inspections at six-monthly intervals.
    • Any body or paint repairs must be performed by a Toyota authorized body and paint shop unless otherwise agreed in writing by Toyota. In the event of body repairs being made, due to accident, the body warranty shall become null and void.

    Should repair work to the body and/or paintwork of the vehicle become necessary due to an accident or any cause whatsoever, the owner must immediately report the incident to an authorized Toyota dealer or distributor. The Toyota dealer or distributor will advise the owner to the Toyota authorized body and paint shop.
    These items are affected by daily wear and tear and exposure to the elements. Proper and frequent maintenance is required to ensure their durability and to prolong neat appearance. It is the responsibility of the owner and operator to take cognizance of the environment and conditions under which vehicles may be expected to operate and take suitable steps to prevent deterioration of paint and body parts. Toyota cannot be held responsible or liable for external damage to the "E coat" or paint protection cover, including neglected body maintenance, which results in premature corrosion/perforation of body panels (ie outside to inside).


    Regular thorough cleaning and polishing is essential. For vehicles operating on the beach or in muddy conditions, daily cleaning to remove salts and entrapped sand/mud is advised. Particular attention must be paid to seams and joints, flanges and any areas that form a natural trap for sand, mud and corrosive salts as a build-up of these materials acts like a sponge to retain moisture. In the case of vehicles subjected to heavy industrial fall-out, organic acids, metallic dust and generally chemically polluted air, the vehicle must be washed down with a Toyota-approved neutralizing agent followed by a further neutralizing rinse or wash.


    This warranty is expressly in lieu of any warranty expressed or implied, obligation or liability of Toyota and its authorized Toyota distributors or dealers.
    These warranty items are only valid and applicable to vehicles sold by Toyota Jamaica, registered and operating in Jamaica.
    The conditions of this warranty shall not apply to:

    • A vehicle which has been subjected to negligence, misuse, ignorance, accident, alteration, modification or overloading
    • A vehicle repaired or serviced other than by an authorized Toyota distributor or dealer.
    • A vehicle which has been subjected to any form of competition.
    • Normal maintenance and services costs as per service schedule and the replacement costs of service items.
    • Problems which may arise from use of parts and accessories other than Toyota approved parts and accessories.
    • Vehicles not maintained and serviced as per the prescribed maintenance scheduled by an authorized Toyota dealer or distributor.
    • A vehicle which has been involved in an accident.
    • Any of those components listed on the exclusion on page 6 to 12.
    • Any consequential cost resulted from a component failure.
    • A vehicle if the correct type of fuel has not been used to operate it.
    • Cosmetic or surface corrosion from stone chips or scratches in the paint.
    • Damage or surface corrosion from the environment such as acid rain, airborne fall-out (chemicals, tree sap, etc.) salt, hail, windstorms, lightning, floods, other acts of God and the like.
    • Altered mileage
    • Normal noise, vibration, wear, tear or deterioration such as discolorations, fading, deformation or blur.

    A full 6 months/10,000km warranty is offered on genuine Toyota parts if purchased from Toyota Jamaica and fitted by our workshops. Please note that parts and components subject to normal wear are excluded from this warranty. (See warranty exclusions page).
    Toyota Motor Corporation/Toyota Jamaica Limited and its affiliated companies (herein after referred to as "Toyota") warrants all genuine or original accessories, chassis and parts (except tyres and batteries) manufactured by Toyota and delivered to the original retail purchaser by Toyota Jamaica Limited, to be free of defective material and/or workmanship in normal use and service for a period of 3 years/100,000km (please note that normal wear parts are excluded from the warranty).
    The obligation under this warranty is limited to the sole discretion of Toyota for the repair or replacement of parts which, in its opinion, are defective as a consequence of material or workmanship. The repair or replacement of defective parts under warranty will be done by any authorized Toyota dealer or distributor without charge for parts and labour. All genuine Toyota parts fitted in a Toyota dealership by qualified Toyota technicians will carry a six months/ 20,000km warranty. The basis for this claim will be the original job card or invoice. This warranty will be subjected to normal maintenance by a Toyota dealer where applicable. Where the genuine Toyota part is bought over the counter from any Toyota dealer the obligation under warranty will be limited to the replacement or repair of the DEFECTIVE PART free of charge for a period of 6months/10,000 km. Consequential damage is not covered by this warranty. The conditions of this warranty are not applicable to
    any Toyota vehicle accessories, chassis, or parts which have been subjected to negligence or alteration, form of competition, repairs or services carried out outside an authorized Toyota dealer or distributor enterprise, and also not to normal maintenance services and the replacement of service items made of parts other than genuine Toyota parts or genuine Toyota accessories. This warranty replaces all warranties, expressed or implied, obligations or liabilities of Toyota and its authorized Toyota dealers or distributors. Please refer to pages 6 to 12 of this manual for owner responsibilities.
    PLEASE NOTE: The warranty period of replacement parts are not extended due to repair or replacement of the same replacement parts.

    • Towing a trailer, using a camper or car roof carrier.
    • Operating on extremely dusty, rough, muddy or salty and unpaved roads.
    • Repeated short trips of less than 8 kilometers and/or outside temperatures that remain below freezing.
    • Extensive idling and/or low speed driving for long distances, such as police, taxi, or door to door delivery.

    PLEASE NOTE: Jamaica's operating conditions have been rated by Toyota Motor Corporation as severe conditions; therefore, 5,000km service intervals are recommended.


    Should you change your address, please complete this card and forward it to us to enable us to update our records.
    PLEASE NOTE: this card is for the change of address or for application for a transfer of vehicle's warranty.
    Transfer of Warranty
    The warranty on the vehicle is transferable, should the vehicle be sold during the warranty period, provided that:

    • An authorized Toyota dealer or distributor certifies in writing that all prescribed services have been carried out in compliance with the warranty conditions; and local distributor conditions; and
    • The sale is made by an authorized Toyota dealer or distributor; or
    • The sale is a private transaction.

    In case of transfer of the warranty:
    (Dealer signature and Dealer stamp)


    Warranty Application:

    This warranty is valid only within the country where the Toyota Distributor listed on Warranty Registration is located.