People Development | Good Corporate Citizenship | Service Excellence | Effective Communication | Superior Customer Relations



Our goal is to support and achieve our vision, through the cultivation of right behaviour, right action and fair practices.

Respect for People

  • • Show honesty, humility, respect and dignity in everything we do.
  • • Accept differences of race, culture, language and belief amongst our partners and find unity within that diversity.
  • • Develop in the workplace the potential of all our people.

Challenge with Passion

  • • We will look for new ways of doing things better for our customers.
  • • We will make continuous improvement a way of life.
  • • We will accept change and manage that change.
  • • We will provide opportunities to utilize our skills, abilities and ideas responsibly.

Performance Excellence

  • • We will use information and knowledge effectively to achieve performance excellence and to create a “Customer First” culture.
  • • We will set clear and focused goals in whatever tasks we undertake.
  • • We will be aware of people’s development potential.
  • • We will create unity within diversity through teamwork.
  • • We will measure customer satisfaction continuously by listening to the voice of the customer.
  • • We will bring the same quality to our work as TMC brings to the product we sell.
  • • We will look at our resources through the eyes of efficiency and a waste free environment.