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Many innovations has been introduced across the entire Prado range to protect passengers and pedestrians in the event of a collision. Perhaps more importantly, also included are advanced new technologies and systems to help prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Vehicle Stability Control helps your Prado to hold its direction through a corner. It does this by dampening understeer and oversteer and automatically adjusting the engine power and braking force to each wheel individually.

Anti-Skid Brake System

Anti-skid Braking with Intelligence comes standard on all Prado models, along with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) which controls braking force to each wheel individually depending on conditions and the load being carried.

Traction control

Active-Traction Control (A-TRC) regulates the distribution of torque to each wheel to prevent tyres from idle running and make sure the car moves forward. It means that each wheel receives the optimum drive force, which improves grip.


AirbagsEvery Prado is fitted with seven SRS airbags (front airbags, driver's knee airbag, front side airbags and curtain airbags) to help give driver and passengers maximum protection.

Crumple Zone

The Prado's exclusive 'Safe-T-Cell' is a cleverly engineered 'crumple zone'. It's incredibly strong, but also incredibly absorbent. So it cushions and absorbs impact - helping to protect everyone in the car and lessening damage caused in collision, to other vehicles or pedestrians.

Reversing camera~

A Reversing Camera~ in all models except the GX, gives the driver a view of what's behind the vehicle, while reversing. Images are either displayed on the EMV screen or on the Multi Information Display, depending on the model.

Back Guide Monitor~

On the Kakadu, VX and ZR models++, a Back Guide Monitor overlays guidelines on the Reversing Camera image to aid parking.

Parking sensors~

The Prado is fitted with parking sensors in all models except the GX, that provide visual and aural warnings as the car approaches close to obstacles. A four sensor system (rear centre and rear corner sensors) is standard on the GXL and SX grades. An eight sensor system (adding 2 centre front and two front corner sensors) is standard on the VX, Kakadu and ZR models++.

Pre-collision safety system**

Prado StylingThe Prado's Pre-Collision Safety (PCS)** System detects when a crash may be imminent and takes precautions accordingly. This includes alerting the driver with a warning buzzer and display, improved braking performance through Brake Assist (BA) the moment you start braking and if the brakes are not applied, the PCS** System will automatically apply the brakes and retract the seatbelts of the front passengers to reduce the change of an injury in the collision (standard on Kakadu and ZR models from October 2011 production).

Active Braking with Intelligence (AB-i)

Our Active Braking with intelligence system is an advanced braking package made up of Anti-skid Braking System (ABS), Brake Assist (BA) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD).

Vehicle shown with optional equipment. Please consult your Sales Executive for further details. All prices subject to change without notice.

~ Reversing Camera/Back Guide Monitor/Park Assist is designed as a driver assist device only and should not be used as a substitute for skilled driving and/or safe parking practices. The area into which the vehicle is to be driven must be visually monitored by the driver.
++Standard on Kakadu and ZR from October 2011 production.
** PCS is a driver assist technology and should not be used in place of safe driving practices. Driver should continue to monitor road ahead.