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RAV4 StylingThe rugged yet modern styling of RAV4 commands attention.

The sculpted front bumper integrates seamlessly with the front radiator grille (on V6 models the grille is chrome finished) creating a visual flow towards the fog lamps (standard on Cruiser, Cruiser L, SX6 and ZR6), which helps to give the vehicle a bold, wide appearance.

Overall, RAV4 offers much of the premium styling and comfort you might expect from a passenger car, yet it looks every inch the rugged off-roader.

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) comes as standard on all RAV4's models. It's one of the advanced Driver Assist Technologies (DAT) that enable RAV4 to perform so well in all conditions and on all terrains.

If stopped on a steep hill, when you take your foot off the brake to step on the throttle, the car would normally roll downhill. HAC simply applies the brake for up to two seconds which stops the vehicle from rolling back, giving you time to get back on the throttle and up the hill.

Hill-start Assist Control is particularly helpful on steep slopes with low traction surfaces such as loose rock, gravel, mud, sand or ice.

Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels

Power Back Door

Power Back DoorThe jam-proof, spindle-type back door opens or close with a press and canopen to your preferred height (optional on G). A hands free function also lets you open the back door simply by holding your hand or bag near the door's detector. These fetures contribute to convenience and safety.

Downhill Assist

Downhill Assist Control (DAC)Downhill Assist Control (DAC) is standard on all automatic transmission models of RAV4.

DAC is another of our advanced Driver Assist Technologies found across many of our range of established AWD models. This intelligent system allows 'feet off' driving during steep off-road descents. It manages the vehicle's brakes electronically, ensuring that exactly the right amount of hydraulic pressure is applied to prevent the wheels from locking.

In this way, Downhill Assist Control (DAC) helps prevent the vehicle from slipping sideways, keeping it stable and steady, enabling you to give your full concentration to the steering. By reducing vibration, not only does the DAC system make off-road trips more comfortable it makes it easier for the driver to stay in complete control.

Auto-On headlights

Auto-On headlights#On selected models, RAV4's four-bulb headlamp system senses when the light begins to fade and automatically switches the headlights on.

When RAV4's sensors detect that light conditions have improved sufficiently, the lights are automatically switched off again.

Vehicle shown with optional equipment. Please consult your Sales Executive for further details. All prices subject to change without notice.