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RAV4 Performance

PerformanceRAV4 is designed to be the ultimate compact SUV. Delivering superb all-round car performance with the power and durability for getting off the beaten track and offering levels of comfort and drivability that would be the envy of many passenger cars.

There's a choice of a two highly efficient power units - a 2.4 litre 4-cylinder VVT-i engine or a 3.5 litre dual VVT-i V6 engine.

Advanced technology ensures excellent traction and positive handling. While great towing capacity is handy if there's too much gear to just chuck in the back and go.

MacPherson Struts

To ensure steering stability, improve ride comfort and aid performance, we have MacPherson Struts for RAV4's front suspension. To enable the most effective vertical wheel movement, it's necessary to allow a certain amount of camber angle change (sideways wheel movement) so we have adjusted the position of the gearbox. We have also optimized the steering gear ratio and electronic power steering controls to match the suspension geometry.

RAV4's rear suspension employs a trailing type double wishbone for comfort and stability. The combination of a double wishbone at the back with MacPherson Struts at the front, give the vehicle excellent handling and cornering behavior. And because the rear suspension shock absorber is positioned diagonally under the floor, there's less intrusion of suspension towers into the cabin space, which makes more room for passengers and gear.

The result is a compact yet spacious SUV that corners as well as a passenger car while giving the driver positive handling and a responsive steering feel.

Towing capacity

Towing capacityAll RAV4 models generate plenty of torque (4-cylinder models generate up to 224Nm at 4000 rpm while 6-cylinder models pump out up to 333Nm at 4700 rpm), which means they offer excellent towing capacity and can tow heavier loads such as boats, caravans and trailers full of gear in comfort#.

Unbraked towing capacity (ie when towing something that has no braking system of its own) across the RAV4 range, is 750Kg#. All models have a braked towing capacity of 1500Kg with the exception of the V6 models, which can tow 1900Kg#.

RAV4 is the ideal car for anyone who likes to get away and do things with their spare time. Whether it's for a day, a weekend, a week or a month. You just chuck everything you need in the back or hook it up behind and jump in the car and go.

All Wheel Drive models

The RAV4 4-cylinder models CV, Cruiser, Cruiser L and the RAV4 6-cylinder V6 models CV6, SX6 and the ZR6 are available with Active AWD (All Wheel Drive.

RAV4 has replaced the previous Full-Time AWD system with Active AWD. Active AWD is an intelligent feedback system which uses an electronic coupling next to the rear differential to automatically switch from front wheel drive to All Wheel Drive when the vehicle senses a loss of traction, then back to front wheel drive when traction is restored. At speeds below 40km/h, the driver can lock RAV4 into AWD by using the AWD LOCK button on the dash.

RAV4's AWD system also incorporates Electric Power Steering (EPS) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), which gives the driver more control on difficult and slippery terrain.

The overall effect of Active AWD is to provide great traction, more control and maximum fuel efficency.

This choice of engines, transmissions and drive systems means that whatever kind of outdoor lifestyle you enjoy, whether you'll be mostly going off-road or mostly heading off on the highway, the RAV4 model range includes a car that's perfect for you.

Vehicle shown with optional equipment. Please consult your Sales Executive for further details. All prices subject to change without notice.

# Towing capacity subject to regulatory requirements, towbar design, vehicle design and towing equipment limitations. Ask your Dealer for details of Toyota Genuine Towbar capacity and availability.