Durable Exterior … Spacious Interior

Blending science with art, Toyota created a comfortable and roomy interior that everyone in the Coaster will enjoy. The Coaster is redesigned with a tough exterior, spacious interior and the body is aerodynamically efficient thus reducing drag & fuel consumption. Its newly developed headlamps make the Coaster perfect for dark trips; the headlamps are also built with haze-resistant material. It also is equipped with its well-known luxurious automatic doors. The bus boasts generous headroom and legroom, ample space between seats, ergonomic seats for added comfort, high ceiling and large windows.


Technology for Everyday Use

The Coaster is the product of advanced Toyota technology and a total commitment to strict quality standards. Every component, from the lustrous body finish to the linings of the brakes, is designed with an eye towards performance. No need to shout when travelling with a large group, as the new Coaster bus is equipped with a microphone for easy communication when needed. Also furnished with 4 speakers, CD sound system with audio input, digital clock, air conditioning and heating, makes the journey much more comforting and entertaining for driver and passengers.


Optimal Performance for Smooth and Easy Journeys

Though efficient with fuel, the Coaster is never at a loss for power with a 4.2 litre diesel engine with Toyota’s advanced engine technology. The Coaster body is shaped to slice through the wind. Its slanted windshield, flush surfaces and snugly fitting front and rear bumpers help minimise air resistance and thereby improve handling and fuel economy. The independent front suspension system features double wishbones and an upper torsion bar, a combination ideal for both passenger comfort and driver control. Also, the long tapered leaf springs and stabilizer bar in the rear reduces body roll and adds to a comfortable and stable ride. Despite the Coaster’s generous size, a small minimum turning radius makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.


Reliable Safety

Safety is very important especially when travelling with passengers. The Coaster is not built with only comfort in mind but has employed a wide range of safety measures. It is equipped with a large windshield for enhance visibility; quality braking performance; a 2-point type seatbelts with Emergency Locking Retractor, which is a huge advancement in safety for the Coaster; It also has four emergency exits; Anti-skid Braking System which helps the driver to steer around obstacles whilst ensuring an optimal braking distance; a warning light displayed when the driver’s door is ajar; and rollover reinforcement for additional safety.