Toyota Jamaica In The Community

Toyota Jamaica believes in the development and continuous improvement (Kaizen) of our community, our people and our country at large.
Here’s an overview of what we have done and will continue to do within our community.
  • Montego Bay Animal Haven hits the road with #RAV4Paws

    In 2013 Toyota Jamaica partnered with the Montego Bay Animal Haven (MBAH), in their efforts to feed, care and protect stray animals, by providing them with a Toyota RAV-4. It was our pleasure to give MBAH “RAV4 PAWS” which has been a tremendous help for them on their mission.

    Toyota Jamaica is a proud partner of the Montego Bay Animal Haven and salutes them for their hard work as they continue to make our communities better, one rescue at a time.
  • Respect for All

    We treat Short boss and Big Boss with the same respect.
    Together We Can Care, Be Kind To All.
    Proud Partners of The Montego Bay Animal Haven
  • Merry Christmas – Mobility for All

    The Joy & Freedom of Movement!
    We ALL have something to give,
    This Christmas share YOUR gift with others.
    Merry Christmas from Toyota Jamaica and The Step Centre!
  • Toyota Jamaica – A Silent Christmas

    You know it's Christmas when you hear the first carol
    But, what would Christmas be like with no sound?
    A silent night….
    We all cant’ hear you, but with a little effort,
    We can all communicate and share the love and joy of the holiday season.
    Merry Christmas from Toyota Jamaica and DeafCan Coffee

  • Thank You To our Frontline Workers! We Salute You! We Appreciate You!

    In an effort to show our gratitude to our frontline workers, Toyota Jamaica decided on a small but meaningful gesture to show our appreciation for all the hard work they have been doing and continue to do during this pandemic.
    Toyota Jamaica partnered with Grace Foods, Yummy Bakery, and Pure Country juices to provide care packages to our frontline workers at UWI Hospital and Kingston Public Hospital.
    These packages were then delivered by our brand ambassadors Terri— Karelle and the MTM family (Tami & Wayne) who continue to support our community initiatives.
  • Oxygen Concentrator Machine for the Preemie Foundation through the MTM family

    The out pouring support and love that was given to the Preemie Foundation, Toyota Jamaica had no other choice than to give an Oxygen Concentrator Machine on behalf of the MTM family 1st cousins to a much needed foundation.
    The Preemie Foundation is on a drive to obtain 20 (portable) Oxygen Concentrator Machines, in hopes of getting at least two machines to every hospital islandwide, to give our premature babies a fighting chance at birth.
  • Happy Independence Day Jamaica!

    Independence Day, what does that mean to you? FREEDOM!
    For Superior Craft and More (a subsidiary of the Jamaica Society for the Blind), it is FREEDOM to earn a living.
    It's a pleasure to partner with Toyota Jamaica's Brand Ambassador Terri—Karelle as we continue to improve the lives of those within our communities.
    Happy Independence Day Jamaica!
  • It’s not Charity, It’s a Partnership, It’s a Business!

    Deaf Can! isn't just coffee. It's our Craft!
    Def Can! not only brew coffee but they plant, pick, roast, and market their coffee. Over the years they have provided job opportunities for those within their community as baristas, in pastry making as well as the administration side of every business.
    Deaf Can Coffee and the partnership with Toyota Coffee House has grown over the years. They have taught us how to communicate with them and we have helped them with their business.
  • Love and a sprinkle of kindness for doctors at KPH

    Covid—19 pandemic has been hard for everyone. Our doctors and frontline workers are amazing. Toyota jamaica got together with Terri—Karelle to show some love and sprinkle a little kindness to the doctors at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH). Toyota Jamaica provided lunch packages with personalized messages to our doctors.
    We don't have to be rich or famous to cause positive change, we just have to care enough and work together.
  • Toyota Jamaica lends two Buses to the Ministry of Health & Wellness to transport Nurses

    Toyota Jamaica was able to jump on board and help the Ministry of Health Wellness with transportation for Nurses at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Toyota Jamaica is pleased to lend the Ministry of Health two (2) additional Hiace Buses to assist with the transportation of our nurses during this pandemic. The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) has already acquired five (5) Toyota buses in their fleet which will be used to transport our nurses.
  • Unveiling of bathroom facilities at Superior Craft & More

    Toyota Jamaica Limited was able to create a fully functional bathroom with a shower for the members of Superior Craft and More (SCM) who are partially or completely blind.
    It was an honour for us to be able to assist the SCM family who has been our partners for several years. We have always admired their work and resilience to fight against all odds and wanted to make them as comfortable be as possible, while they work to provide for themselves and their families.
    SCM is located on the same property as Jamaica Society for the Blind and provide job opportunity to those within their community.
  • Thank You to the Doctor & Nurses at Bustamante Hospital for Children

    Dr. Tshani Buchanan Anderson, Pediatrician, at the Bustamante Hospital for Children (BHC) reached out to Toyota Jamaica for assistance. In an effort to reduce the emotional stress for the children during the COVID 19 pandemic, who are not only away from school but home as well, BHC requested a television for the children at Ward 4.
    They asked and Toyota Jamaica delivered. We salute all our doctors and nurses who are not only at the frontline helping those affected by this virus but also those who are providing for other persons in our healthcare system such as our children. THANK YOU.
    Special thanks to Dr. Tshani Buchanan Anderson, Consultant Dr. Natalie McNeil and all the doctors and nurses at BHC Ward 4.
  • The Best Picnic Baskets from Superior Craft & More

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    Handcrafted, made from wicker, and made by members of Superior Craft & More. SCM for the past several years has been providing Toyota Jamaica with Picnic Baskets which are gifted to our customers.
    SCM is located on the same property as Jamaica Society for the Blind and provides job opportunities to those within their community who are either fully or partially sight challenged.
    Toyota Jamaica is happy to have partnered with the members of Superior Craft & More and continues to be amazed by the quality work they provide with their wicker picnic baskets.
  • Toyota Jamaica supports the fight against Breast Cancer as partners with Pink Run from 2016

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    Our mission through this partnership is to continue to drive hope to those who are battling and have battled with Breast Cancer and invite others to do the same.
    Toyota Jamaica has been a part of Pink Run for several years and will continue to support this initiative.
  • 13th Toyota Jamaica Dream Car Art Contest 2019

    As the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest grew Globally, Toyota Jamaica decided to continue and participate by holding the 13 staging of the Toyota DCAC locally.
    Although we saw a decrease in the overall contest entries, Toyota Jamaica was excited to see that the number of schools continued to increase as well as entries from more parishes.
    The 13th staging received winning students from Stella Marris, Queen's Prep, St Andrew Prep, Belair Prep, Campion College, and Seaforth Primary School (St. Thomas).
    This year Toyota Jamaica also gifted the top schools in each category with Laptops.
  • 12th Toyota Jamaica Dream Car Art Contest 2018

    The 12th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest received almost 100 entries but saw a huge increase in the number of individual schools which participated.
    This year’s staging had winning students representing Queen's Prep, St Andrew Prep, Glow Academy, Belair Prep, HamptonHigh School, William Knibb, and Campion College (Kingston).
    This was also the first year Toyota Jamaica also gifted the top schools in each category with Laptops.
  • 11th Toyota Jamaica Dream Car Art Contest winner goes to Japan

    The second staging of the Toyota Jamaica Dream Car Art contest saw many competitors from schools across the island. The DCAC continued to grow with almost 100 entries. Overall winners came from Queens Prep, Munro College & Hampton High School.
    Our 1 st place winner in Category 1 (10yrs-15yrs) Athalia Clarke got the grand opportunity to visit Japan along with her mother and explore the city of Nagoya. Athalia was chosen among 30 winners in the Toyota Global Dream Car Art Contest.
  • Toyota Jamaica launches 10th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

    The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is a competition held to encourage and inspire creativity in children. The competition showcases the dreams of youth from around the world because Toyota believes in sharing the imagination and ideas of children.
    Toyota Global invites young children up to 15 years old who are enrolled in school from around the world to share ideas about the future of mobility by drawing their dream car. National contests are held in each country and then those winners are submitted to the Global Contest.
    Entries are submitted in 3 age categories - Under 8 years, 8 – 11 years, and 12 – 15 years old. Nine winners are then selected in the national (local) contest, 3 from each age category. The winning artworks are then sent to Japan for entry in the Global competition.
    This was Toyota Jamaica’s 1 st staging of the DCAC and we received almost 70 entries. Overall winners came from Stella Maris, Queens Prep, Reach Academy & Munro College.
  • Aberdeen High School gets new mode of transportation after winning the Toyota Jamaica Bus Di School Competition 2016

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    Toyota Jamaica's “Bus Di School” competition was launched in 2014. When our Managing Director, Tom Connor saw the transportation challenges our students had across the island and decided to donate a Toyota Hiace through a competition.
    Aberdeen High School was the grand prize winner of a brand new 2017 Hiace Bus. Cash prizes were awarded to the second place winner St Albans Primary and Infant School in Malvern, St. Elizabeth as well as the third-place winners Garlogie Primary & Junior High and Mannings Hill Primary School.
  • Winning Toyota Jamaica’s Bus Di School Competition keeps Padmore Primary School Open

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    Toyota Jamaica’s Managing Director, Tom Connor, make the decision to assist the education industry as part of our corporate initiatives from which the “Bus Di School Competition” was created.
    The competition’s objective is to assist the education sector by making transportation easier for at least one school.
    Padmore Primary School topped 115 entrants to win a brand new 2014 Toyota Hiace Bus which was greatly needed to provide safe transportation service for the students to and from school.