Company Overview

Company Overview

  • Toyota Jamaica Limited (TJAM) is a company with Toyota Tsusho Corporation of Japan having majority share holdings.
  • (TJAM) took over in November 2000, what was previously United Motors Limited, which existed for over 65 years.
  • Operating as a Motor Vehicle Distributorship, (TJAM) retains the right as the sole authorized distributor for Toyota Motor
  • Corporation (TMC) of Japan and Daihatsu Motor Corporation since February 2005.

Sharing the Toyota Values

The Guiding Principles at Toyota reflect the kind of company that Toyota seeks to be. The Toyota Way 2001 clarifies

the values and business methods that all employees should embrace in order to carry out the Guiding Principles at Toyota throughout the company’s global activities.



Key Elements

  • Value Creation
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Sustainability
  • People Development

Product Representation

  • Toyota brand of passenger cars, sports utility vehicles (SUV’s), Minibuses
  • Daihatsu brand of sports utility vehicles (SUV’s)