Bold Exterior … Spacious Interior

The very stylish exterior with the fluid design of the front grille, built in roof rails, the bold and roomy side appearance and LED headlights are just a few of the exterior features that makes this vehicle a beauty to look at. The Rush is also very spacious, with a roomy cabin to seat 7 passengers comfortably, ample luggage space for four 5 gallon water bottles and 13 cup holders.


Fresh horizon spring into view

The cabin of the Rush has blends of strength and elegance. The multi-information display, positioned in the center of the meters displays fuel efficiency in an intuitive format, together with an eco-bar indicator. The smart entry and smart start system, when carrying the electronic key, all doors can be unlocked by simply pressing the switch in the door handle and the car started by depressing the brake pedal and pushing the engine switch. Each row of seats also has an accessory socket for convenient charging of smart phones and other devices. The performance of the auto air-conditioning keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature for driver and all passengers even in the third row due to its functional rear air-conditioner.


Power and Stability with Confidence

The Rush is not just elegant and stylish, it is also very powerful in its class. The 1.5L 2NR-VE engine incorporates dual VVT-i, which continuously optimizes intake and exhaust valve timing in response to driving conditions to deliver excellent performance in various conditions, together with light weight and low friction components that contributes to high combustion and outstanding fuel efficiency. The rear wheel drive component of the Rush aids with road handling as the weight is distributed evenly throughout the car and also it is designed to traverse rough roads, the high approach and departure angles enable the Rush to navigate a variety of terrain.


Peace of mind and safety that’s a step ahead

The Rush is equipped with both active and passive safety features which will boost peace of mind to its occupants. The features of hill start assist, vehicle stability control, back up sensors and reverse camera (high grade) will add to the confidence of the driver while the 3 point seat belts, 6 airbags and the absorption body structure will protect its passengers in the event of a collision.