Authentic Presence: Tough meets gorgeous

The bold design embodies functional beauty, blending advanced ergonomics, intuitive operations and refined features to provide a truly engaging driving experience. Enhancement to shape and functionality that pursue these ideals produce a tough and gorgeous expression. The versatile seating arrangements and an abundance of storage spaces quickly and easily accommodate the changing demands of a mobile lifestyle. The design of the Fortuner focuses on functionality with conveniently positioned driving switches, contributing to a relaxed and confident feeling of driving control.


Elegant Comfort; Exceptional Convenience; Robust to the core: Complements all your lifestyles

The Fortuner is enriched with quality details and technology offering a comfortable and quiet ride. With its smart entry and start system, doors can be locked/unlocked by simply pushing the front door handle switch and started by simply depressing the brake pedal & pushing the engine switch; the 4-direction switch integrated in the steering wheel makes it easy to adjust the multi-information display among other displays; easy-to-read meters with a TFT multi-information display provide the driver with vital vehicle information at a glance. The Eco driving indicator promotes a fuel efficient driving pattern; the highly efficient auto air conditioner system maintains a comfortable cabin temperature; the vents in the ceiling above the second and third row seats ensure excellent cooling with nearby control panel which enables convenient operation; and the USB and Mini Jack enables the connectivity of a portable music player to be connected and enjoyed over the vehicle’s speakers.


Dynamic performance: Exhilarating power deepens driving pleasure

Powerful acceleration and outstanding handling that actively feed your desire for driving excitement on the road are balanced by excellent fuel efficiency. Beneath the sophistication of the Fortuner, its robust frame and advanced off-road driving technologies form the core of the outstanding rough terrain capabilities. Featuring either a 2.7 litre gasoline or 2.8 litre turbo diesel engine; 6-speed super-intelligent electronically controlled transmission with optimized gear ratios to help maximize the engines’ potential, with excellent low speed torque and outstanding fuel economy; variable valve timing (VVT-i); paddle shifts on steering wheel which offers the driver ultimate command when driving; drive mode switches which allows the driver to select between Eco mode (fuel efficiency) and Power mode (enhance acceleration) to suit the desired driving conditions. In addition, the performance of the Fortuner is heightened by the convenient & driver-friendly dial switch for changing from 2WD to 4WD; active traction control system that enhances the model’s ability to maintain traction; Hill-start assist controls that aids the driver in unfriendly situations; and the overall high rigidity structure contributes to exceptional toughness in tough environments as well as excellent handling performance reassuring feeling of safety.


Peace of mind: Reassuring strength and reliability

Combining the strength and reliability of a true SUV with advances active and passive safety measures contributes to peace of mind, on-road and off-road. The Fortuner is equipped with 7 SRS driver airbags, protecting its occupants from front and side collisions; vehicle stability control which helps prevent front or rear wheel slip while cornering by reducing engine power and applying brake force to the wheels that require it; Anti-lock brake system helps to prevent the wheels from locking up when braking on slippery roads or during sudden braking while the Electronic brake force distribution optimizes the distribution of braking force in various driving conditions; Back monitor and rear sensors supports safe reversing/parking in uncertain locations. The overall body structure of the Fortuner helps to reduce injury to pedestrians due to the impact absorbing material included in the front bumper, hood, cowl and front fender; as well as a crash safety body with front & rear crumple zones that helps to absorb impact energy in a collision and protect the integrity of the cabin.