Supporting Business with comfort

Occupants are, of course, treated to comfort while on the move. Comfortable Work … In designing the cockpit, it focuses on an excellent field of view at the front as well as plentiful storage space. The cockpit is easy to use and give the driver a feeling of confidence for sure and comfortable operations across a whole range of work scenarios. But attention is also paid to hospitality on entering and leaving the vehicle. Hiace values comfort and convenience at all times during business commuting. Superior Entry & Exit … The width of the sliding door has been increased with a large door and steeping lamp to make entry and exist even easier for occupants. Excellent Driving Visibility… The cockpit’s design focuses on excellent field view the anterior of the front side window which has been lowered and a large quarter glass installed to help ensure excellent forward visibility. Storage Spaces … Convenient console tray with removable partition, door pockets with space for A4 size files, overhead tray for neat storage of items for immediate access along with overhead console for storage of small items.


Supporting World Class Quality

In addition to ABS, which helps prevent wheel lock-up during braking, the adoption of Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) helps ensure optimal distribution of braking force to the left and right wheels. Vehicle Stability Control - sensors are used to detect skidding of the vehicle on slippery road surfaces and helps to ensure vehicle stability by selectively applying the brakes to the individual wheels and controlling engine power output. Hill-Start Assist Control - when starting off up steep slopes, HAC maintains brake hydraulic pressure as the driver switches from brake pedal to accelerator pedal helping to minimize back slippage of the vehicle. Digital Rear-view Mirror - Images are captured by the rear camera are displayed in the rear-view mirror. This allows the driver to check the rearward view without obstruction by rear-seat headrests and passengers.


Comfort Born of a Powerful and Stable Ride

The suspension and other parts of the undercarriage have been renewed, and the engine relocated in a semi-bonneted configuration. This helps provide a powerful, stable and quiet ride for sustained driver comfort even on long commutes. The 1GD-FTV engine adopts a turbocharger with intercooler, which helps produce powerful dynamic performance while enhancing fuel economy and quietness. In addition, the 6-speed manual or automatic transmission helps to achieve excellent dynamic performance, fuel economy and superior drivability. MacPherson strut suspension is adopted for the front and leaf spring suspension for the rear, helping assure ample suspension stroke. The adoption of disc brakes offers excellent braking force.


Dramatically Enhances Peace-of-mind

Equipped with various technologies - from active safety, which dramatically enhances peace-of-mind, to passive safety that minimizes damage in the event of a collision. These technologies create safety and security for both the driver and passengers. A semi-bonneted configuration is used for the front, to efficiently absorb impact energy in the event of a collision. This contributes to excellent crash safety along with the standard airbags for the driver and front passenger.